Studio Art

Every day I try to cultivate a life that feeds my inspiration and creativity and is nourishing to my whole self – body, mind and soul. I’m a self-taught painter who practices process-based abstract painting. I began painting as a way to process emotions, and through my work I have found immense personal healing and freedom.

I approach each painting with a specific emotion in mind that I want to work through. The visuals come directly from my feelings, and then the work takes over. My favorite place to paint is outdoors. On a sunny afternoon you can find me out on my porch in a bikini and cut-offs with a new canvas, paint splattering, birds chirping, my cat running around the bushes, new music in my ears.

art as a healing practice

A few years back I experienced a painfully difficult season where I felt very stuck. Wracked with low self-esteem and trapped in an eating disorder, I was disconnected from my deepest desires and untrusting of myself. I felt broken in so many ways.

One day I took out my college art supplies that had gathered dust in the garage, and I began to paint. As I let go of my inhibitions, I found the courage to process my pent-up pain that- like my art supplies- had gathered dust inside me over the years. With each new paint stroke and textured layer, I began to make peace with my pain. It wasn’t automatic, but I noticed I felt lighter and more joy-filled when I painted.

Painting became a regular practice for me. The more I painted the more I said yes to my creative urges, and through trusting and honoring my creativity I started to trust myself and reconnect to my Inner Voice. Painting helped me to hear myself again, and it gave me the power to do what I needed in my life to get unstuck.

Whether it’s an abstract acrylic painting or a whimsical sketch of the bones of a pelvis, art is my medicine: it strengthens my connection to my hunger, my connection to my Inner Voice, and allows me to speak and be seen.

connecting with your own creativity

I created all the works you see here during a difficult season marked by death, grief, hope, and renewal, in which I grounded myself through self-imposed “art therapy” sessions–often with friends.

I hope these paintings bring you light into your own dark places in need of healing, nurture, and self-care. I hope these pieces remind you of your own power and truth–may they bring you a little color, energy, and inspiration.

Go unleash your wild spirit self. Be bright! Be emotional! Be your authentic self! May you strengthen your own connection to your creative impulses, for they will bring you healing.