When my sister, harpist Colleen Thorburn, asked me to help her update her professional musician headshots, I said an unequivocal yes!

I collaborated with her harp-horn duo Apple Orange Pair in 2013 for promo materials for their album release, so I knew first-hand how great it is to work with her. (Check out their marvelous pics here!)

One of my favorite parts of photographing fellow creatives is witnessing their evolution in their chosen field. Colleen has accomplished so much since I last photographed her (like becoming the first harpist to have earned a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Yale), and I wanted her to celebrate her achievements and have fun with this shoot.

Colleen is a super-talented, accomplished musician, so I highlight her unique skills by picking a location that wasn’t expected (i.e. a performance stage in a music hall). We spent the bulk of her session on the cobblestone streets in Old Towne Petersburg– a funky, fun little spot outside of Richmond VA where Colleen works.

I love the final product, which show off my sister’s beauty and mastery of her instrument.

What do you think? Want some fresh headshots of your own? I have two packages tailored just for creatives– give them a peek and drop me a line!

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