Meet My team

courtney potter

I’m a documentary photographer.

Authenticity and love fuel my work and life purpose. Just like you, I value excellence and soul: I’m not a fan of trends, tropes, or mediocrity. Your photos won’t look like everyone else’s, because you aren’t like everyone else. You live your life boldly from a foundation of love (for yourself, your beloved, and your passions) and you want pictures that match your truth.

I help individuals (who love themselves), couples (who love each other), and creative business owners (who love their work) tap into their own authenticity and creativity. Whether through honest wedding photos that celebrate your quirks and your deep love for your community… stunning boudoir photos that remind you how you feel in your sexiest moments… or soulful headshots that let your inspiration in your work really shine through.

For over a decade I’ve worked as a professional photographer. My projects have taken me across the world and have earned me multiple awards. I studied Photojournalism at The University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill and after graduation started my own photography business. I’ve been shooting weddings and helping people tell their stories ever since. In 2012 I co-founded a second company, The Birth Collective, which provides birth photography and advocacy journalism for mothers, doulas, and childbirth educators.

I now live in the North Carolina Triangle (Raleigh – Durham – Chapel Hill), and have strong ties to California and the Midwest. I love to travel, and am available to go wherever you are to tell your story! When not eyeball-deep in photography, you’ll probably find me biking in the great outdoors, trying a new dance class with friends, painting, or traveling. My deepest joy is found in exploring (whether it’s new ideas, the world, or my own creativity) and connecting (with my community, my family, and my friends). Also, the pelvis is my power symbol.

Alex + Kallyn Boerner

We are Alex & Kallyn, a married photography team living in Durham, North Carolina with our Bahamian Potcake pups and long-haired black cat.

We have both been professional photojournalists for many years having worked for newspapers in the Midwest, Northeast and Florida. Our style of photography is loose and candid. Our training as photojournalists enables us to capture real moments as they unfold on one of the biggest days of your life. Our experience has taught us how to react when things change on the fly and still capture meaningful images that tell your story in a beautiful and artistic way.

Kallyn serves Triangle families as a birth and postpartum doula as well as a birth and life photographer. When she isn’t attending a birth, you will find her in her garden, taking hikes with her fur babies, enjoying the Eno and indulging in delicious area restaurants with Alex and friends.

Alex also works as a photographer for INDY Week, an alt-weekly newspaper in the NC Triangle area whose mission is to explore issues around social justice, news and culture. When he’s away from the camera he likes to experiment in the garden. His idea of a perfect day involves an 83-degree, humid evening with the doors and windows open, listening to a Minnesota Twins baseball game.

Heart & Hands | Alex Boerner

Ashton Songer

I’m Ashton, a people-smitten world traveler with a knack for having a blast, and I love to make sure that great adventures and great photos go hand in hand.

With a degree in photojournalism and press credentials that have taken me around the globe, I’m thrilled to use my perceptive eye and extensive experience to tell the story of your next great adventure—your wedding day.

When we work together, I’m committed to building a relationship with you that feels a little different – like you’re adding an old friend to your wedding day lineup or just goofing off in front of your little sister’s oversized Polaroid. We’ll laugh, cry, chat, smile, dance, and all the while you can relax in knowing that I’ll be there to capture every amazing bit… especially those weird, whimsical, wonderful little moments. 
I firmly believe that to be alive is to be on an adventure. I have a low-key obsession with Frida Kahlo, I love bluegrass music and my favorite adventure is life with my husband in our new home of colorful Colorado.

Ashton Songer

Bri Brough

I’m Bri, a documentary photographer and photojournalist based in the NC Triangle.

I studied photojournalism at UNC-Chapel Hill and have spent many years working as a documentary photographer. I love working as the staff photographer for Durham and Chapel Hill Magazines where I get to meet all kinds of great local people that make up my community.

When I’m not working or taking photos you can usually find me hanging out with friends and family, hiking along the Eno or stopping for a nice local beer at one of Durham’s many fine breweries.

Bri Brough

Shaena Mallett

I’m Shaena, a documentary photographer and videographer with a passion for stories and the natural world. I earned my bachelor’s degree in photojournalism and anthropology from Ohio University, and since then my photography work has led me around the world. For the past five years I’ve had the amazing adventure of working on my first feature length documentary film.

With warmth and calm, I try to bring an intimate documentary approach to every wedding I shoot. I love to capture all the unique details while also placing the focus on those pure, magical moments between friends and loved ones.

I’m currently based in Chapel Hill, NC, and when I’m not behind the lens you can usually find me in my garden. I’m passionate about herbal medicine, working with rescue animals, camping, and traveling.

Shaena Mallett